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Knewton Global Schools - Miri

Tenby Schools Miri operates two schools on its campus – an International School that follows the Internationals Primary Curriculum (IPC), the National Curriculum for England and the Cambridge IGCSE programme, as well as a Malaysian Private School following the Malaysian Curriculum. This enables students from the different educational programmes to interact with each other and cultivate a true understanding of one another. Then Malaysian Private School opened classes in standards 1, 2 and 3 in January 2017 and will expand to include standards 4 and 5 as well as forms 1 and 2 in January 2018.
Knewton Global Schools - Miri
Knewton Global Schools - Miri
We are delighted to welcome back our SSK students.
- Standard 5 & 6 and Form 1 & 2 on Wednesday, 15th July.
- Standard 1-4 on Thursday, 23rd July.
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Knewton Global Schools - Miri
Knewton Global Schools - Miri
Knewton Global Schools - Miri
Knewton Global Schools - Miri
After months of MCO, CMCO and now RMCO, we are extremely glad to be able to welcome our Year 11s and their families back for the Graduation Ceremony on 9 July. It marked a very important date for our Year 11 students.

Our students are encouraged to embrace all the opportunities available to them at school and with the support and guidance from their tutors and teachers, strive for excellence in all that they pursue. Our students’ success is our number goal and these awards applaud their efforts and celebrate their achievements:

1. International Student of the Year: Megan C.
2. Science: Sajeev D.
3. Performing Arts: Veronica Juliet
4. English: Silvy Phoenix
5. Sports: Danial Cosgrove
6. Mathematics: Silvy Phoenix

The Class of 2019-2020 has been through such unprecedented times and we are immensely proud of how they have coped and carried on with their learning journey. No matter what happens next in their lives, we are confident that they will continue to shine brightly and embrace life’s ups and downs with courage and gusto. The skills and knowledge that they have developed in school will undoubtedly prepare them for a successful future and we look forward to hearing their success stories.

School website:

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Knewton Global Schools - Miri
Knewton Global Schools - Miri
In conjunction with the World Oceans Day, SSK students were tasked to collect and record plastic waste in their homes for a week. This interactive home-based activity sheet was aimed at raising awareness of the importance of the world’s oceans, how plastic pollution is damaging ocean biodiversity and encouraging students to think more deeply and carefully about their plastic usage habits. #staysafe #stayhome #internationalschoolmiri #nationalschoolmiri #buzzoflearning #knewtonmiri #borneosarawak #distancelearning #newnorm2020 #stopthespread
Knewton Global Schools - Miri
Knewton Global Schools - Miri
Knewton Global Schools - Miri
Early Years’ First Week Back

We were so delighted to see our Early Years children. It was wonderful to see them interacting with their friends and teachers (from a safe distance, of course) and getting used to being in the school building again.
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