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New School Thinking

A Day in the Life

Ever wondered what a typical day looks like for a student at Knewton? Year 11 student Sajeev shares his daily routine at Knewton International School.

7am clock


Registration: I went to my form class for registration. Our tutor shared information and updates with us as we prepared for the rest of the day.


Additional Maths: My first lesson of the day was Additional Maths. The class took notes of new learning and practised some questions to develop our understanding.

He is doing homework
8am clock
9am clock


English: I read my descriptive writing to the class so that my classmates and teacher could comment on how well I have done and how I could improve my writing.

He is reading book


Art: After break, I went for Art lesson. I had difficulty with painting  trees, so I asked my teacher for help. In the end, I was able to overcome the challenge and carry on with my artwork.

He is drawing art
1025am clock
1125am clock


Physics: In this lesson, I learnt about the concept of moment. After making notes on the topic, the class performed an experiment to and made observations.


Lunch: During this time, I had my lunch and carried out my duty as a Student Leader from 12:20 pm to 1:00 pm.

He is eating lunch
1225pm clock
1pm clock


ICT: During ICT lesson, I learnt about the basics of using Microsoft Excel. We learnt some rules and formulae so that we can make full use of Excel sheets.


Biology: During this lesson, our teacher guided us to think and discuss about the topic of the day before taking notes of important information. This gave me a better understanding of the topic.

2pm clock
3pm clock


Going home: I packed my bags and went home. That was a day in the life of a Year 11 student.

He is reading book

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