A Day in the Life


Registration: I went to my form class for registration. Our tutor shared information and updates with us as we prepared for the rest of the day.


Additional Maths: My first lesson of the day was Additional Maths. The class took notes of new learning and practised some questions to develop our understanding.


English: I read my descriptive writing to the class so that my classmates and teacher could comment on how well I have done and how I could improve my writing.


Art: After break, I went for Art lesson. I had difficulty with painting  trees, so I asked my teacher for help. In the end, I was able to overcome the challenge and carry on with my artwork.


Physics: In this lesson, I learnt about the concept of moment. After making notes on the topic, the class performed an experiment to and made observations.


Lunch: During this time, I had my lunch and carried out my duty as a Student Leader from 12:20 pm to 1:00 pm.


ICT: During ICT lesson, I learnt about the basics of using Microsoft Excel. We learnt some rules and formulae so that we can make full use of Excel sheets.


Biology: During this lesson, our teacher guided us to think and discuss about the topic of the day before taking notes of important information. This gave me a better understanding of the topic.


Going home: I packed my bags and went home. That was a day in the life of a Year 11 student.

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