National (Malaysian) Curriculum

Standard 1 – 6 (Age 7 – 12)

The Malaysian National Curriculum is committed to developing the child holistically as reflected in the National Educational Philosophy.

Programmes and initiatives to develop non-academic components are present both during formal class times as well as through a variety of after-school co-curricular activities. All these will foster individual talents and interests along with building leadership skills.

The subjects are as  follows:

  • English Language, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin Language
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Islamic Education/Moral Education
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Art, Music and History
  • ICT and Design & Technology

We supplement the Malaysian textbooks with English textbooks published in the UK. This is to ensure that our students enhance their English literacy skills.

We aspire to ensure that our children progress to Secondary School with a love for learning. We fully comply with the Malaysian Ministry of Education’s requirements.

Dual Language Programme (DLP) at Sekolah Sri Knewton

Sekolah Sri Knewton has been given the approval to teach Mathematics and Science in English under the Dual Language Programme (DLP) at three entry points (Standard 1, Standard 4 and Form 1) from 2016. All other classes will join these entry points after 2016.

The DLP is part of the Malaysian government’s effort to uphold Bahasa Malaysia and strengthen the usage of English in schools. Only 300 schools across Malaysia have been selected (148 primary schools and 152 secondary schools) to participate in the programme.

Sekolah Sri Knewton has been using the bi-lingual approach in the delivery of the national curriculum all these years. The programme supports and reiterates our ethos of providing national education with international approaches at Knewton Global Schools and our parents are strongly in support of this.

Co-Curricular Activities

We offer our students a large selection of co-curricular activities (CCAs) including sports, academic and art clubs. They are a superb way of deepening existing interests and skills and acquiring new ones. Students sign up for the clubs at the beginning of each year and will participate for the full length of the academic year. All students should aim to be involved in at least two CCAs each year.

The activities are largely free, though some specialist activities or those off-site may incur a charge.

CCA Times:
3.00pm to 4.00pm
Students who are not involved in any CCAs on any particular day are permitted to go home at 3.00pm

Form 1 – 5 (age 13-17)

The Form 1 to Form 5 classes of Sekolah Menengah Sri Knewton follow the Malaysian National Curriculum conducting all the required assessments of PBS, PT3 and SPM examination. Subjects offered and time allocation for each subject at the Lower Secondary and upper Secondary levels are according to the provisions in Education Act 1996.

National Curriculum Documents stipulates the learning outcomes to be achieved and the suggested teaching and learning activities to be carried out. Sekolah Sri Knewton uses the guidelines of the documents released by the Curriculum Development Division of the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

We offer core subjects as required by the National Curriculum plus a number of electives according to the levels, namely PT3 and SPM as follows:

Level Core Subjects Electives

Form 1-3

Bahasa Melayu, English Language, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Moral Education, Islamic studies, Physical Education and Health Education, *Design and Technology/Basic Computer Science and *Visual Art/Music.

* To be confirmed.


Form 4-5

Bahasa Melayu, English language, Mathematics, Science, History, Moral Education, Islamic studies, Physical Education and Health Education. Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Additional Mathematics, Principles of Account, Mandarin

Co-Curricular Activities

Participation in co-curricular activities is compulsory and must include one from each the following three areas:

  • Society or Club
  • Sport and games
  • Uniform Body

Language and Learning Environment

As Sekolah Sri Knewton exists together with Knewton Global Schools, sharing the same campus and facilities, students are expected to develop and enhance their Global Citizenship outlook and skills. Emphasis is placed on students’ proficiencies in three languages namely the Bahasa Malaysia (The National Language), English Language (The International Language) and Mandarin (The Mother Tongue Language) making each student in Sekolah Sri Knewton trilingual.

The international environment that prevails in the campus will be optimized to the highest level as the interactions between students of different nationalities afford tremendous opportunities to understand and appreciate the different cultures and build mutual respect between students.

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship and Internationalization in the National School will be given emphasis in the following areas of studies on a regular basis as part and parcel of the development of a global outlook among our students:

  • Community Learning and Civics
  • Humanities subjects namely History and Geography
  • Language, Art and Appreciation
  • Participation in conferences relevant to Internationalization


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