Knewton Global Schools Miri Parent Teacher Association


On behalf of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), we welcome all our students and families to Knewton Global Schools Miri. The PTA consists of a committee of parent volunteers that promote frequent, healthy communication between parents, teachers and the school management through various avenues. Exchange of information is shared face-to-face, in monthly parent-school management meetings, through PTA emails and the PTA noticeboard.


Knewton Global Schools Miri enjoys the support of many dedicated, amazing parents that actively participate in the school and this has contributed to the success of numerous class and school events. As a parent, you can play a part in enhancing the overall learning experience of our children by joining the PTA committee, becoming a class parent, volunteering to assist in the organisation of school events/fundraisers, attending our monthly parent-school management meetings or simply sharing your views with us on how we can improve our children’s learning journeys.


We are grateful for the active participation of our families at Knewton Global Schools Miri and we look forward to the continual support of our Knewton parents to make the PTA a success.


Yours sincerely,
Cheah Sok Fun
Chairperson, PTA Committee
Knewton Global Schools Miri

PTA Committee 2017/18


What does the PTA Committee do?
The PTA Committee holds monthly meetings with the parents and the school management to provide a forum for families to ask questions, voice concerns about school issues and promote healthy discussion on school matters. In addition, quick updates on future school events and new school developments are also shared at these meetings. Families are very welcome to mingle with the larger school community over coffee and cakes after the meetings.

The PTA chairperson meets with the Campus Principal every week for quick discussions and updates while the PTA committee meets several times each term. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the PTA is usually held near the end of the last school term where the committee reports on their work in the past year. PTA committee members for the next academic year will be elected at the AGM.

While school events and fundraisers are now organised by different groups of parent volunteers, the PTA will continue to support the various event committees where necessary. Examples of events that are supported by parent volunteers:

  • Christmas Giving Tree
  • Family Fun Day
  • Garage Sales
  • STAR Day (Staff and Teachers Appreciation Day)


How to contact the PTA committee?
Simply approach any PTA committee member in school (we are usually in the canteen at drop-off and pick-up times). Alternatively, you can also email the PTA via the Knewton Global Schools Miri portal (search for PTAsecretary under ‘Add Staff Recipients’ list). 


What does a Parent Event Organiser do?
A Parent Event Organiser forms an event committee with two or three parents to organise a school event of their choice (selected from the above event list). Each event committee will lead in the planning, coordination and execution of the event activities with the support of the school management, teachers, PTA, class parents as well as the school logistics team.

In addition to inculcating the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy among the students through event organisation and fundraising, parent event organisers also greatly enrich students’ experience at Knewton Global Schools Miri with fun and informative events.


What does a Class Parent do?
This is a role where one or two parents can be directly involved in the daily happenings of his/her child’s class by volunteering as Class Dad or Class Mum at the beginning of the school academic year. Key responsibilities of the Class Parent include:

  • providing efficient two-way communication between parents and school (e.g.  conveying teachers’ requests to parents, raising issues from parents to teachers, etc.)
  • arranging coffee mornings to meet new parents
  • organising parent volunteers to assist in class or school events
  • getting Teachers’ Day cards/gifts and farewell cards/gifts for students leaving the school
  • collecting an annual class fund from each parent to be used throughout the year in class/school events, Teachers’ Day celebrations and farewell gifts for students


Inculcating a Spirit of Giving Back to Society
Through the active participation of parents, teachers and students in various school events such as the Garage Sale or Family Day, Knewton Global Schools Miri has been supporting two local charities for the past few years. The two local charities are The Ten Ringgit Club Bhd and The Sunflower Centre. By providing financing support, hosting fundraising basket sale events, inviting the beneficiaries to our school celebrations and sending our students to interact with the beneficiaries, we hope to maintain a long and meaningful relationship between Knewton Global Schools Miri and these charities. 


The Ten Ringgit Club Bhd
It was established on 11 August 2011 to address the educational needs of marginalised children in northern Sarawak. Many children are deprived of education due to extreme poverty and lack of proper birth documentations. Through appeals for RM10 donation per month from members of the public, The Ten Ringgit Club Bhd aims to provide these children with basic literacy and numeracy skills and to improve their standard of English. For more information, visit 


The Sunflower Centre
Established in March 1982, The Sunflower Centre is a charitable non-governmental organisation under the umbrella of Malaysian Red Crescent Miri Chapter. The Sunflower Centre caters to children and young adults who are mentally and/or physically handicapped. The objective of the Centre is to assist affected families, to educate the public to appreciate people with special needs, and to provide the handicapped with opportunities to contribute to the society at their full potential, both educationally and socially.