The House System


Every student at Knewton Global Schools Miri is assigned to one of four Houses within the school, namely Sharks, Cobras, Lions and Dragons. These Houses, each with an equal number of students, form smaller communities within the school. This allows students to interact with staff and students outside of their normal cohort, whilst giving them an identity beyond their year and tutor groups.


Each House has an assigned House Patron who is selected from the teaching staff. Their role, amongst others, is to assist in the organisation of the various House events that happen within the school. There are full House meetings every term, where members of each House come together under the direction of their House Patron. House Captains are elected each year from the student body and they are expected to motivate their peers to compete in House events as well as acting as role models for the rest of the members of their House.


House patrons play an active role in the development of pupils’ self-belief, awareness and confidence. They are responsible for encouraging students to participate in House events so that they can take pride in what they have done. Outstanding effort during House events is recognised during House assemblies and whole school assemblies.


Pupils actively try to acquire ‘House points’ for their respective Houses through participation in House events as well as through their attitude in lessons. These House points are totalled throughout the year and the winning House is presented with a trophy at the end of an academic year.


Although, healthy competition is also established between the Houses through school sports, and inter-house competitions, the celebration and recognition of all our students’ efforts lies at the heart of the Knewton Global Schools Miri community.